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Meet the Savvy Team of CCube Communications

“Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.” This popular saying by James Cash Penney reveals the perspective and philosophy of CCube Communications that strives to create and impel brands in the global market. We as an energetic team of talents that are no less than oxygen movers full of energy, authenticity, and versatility.

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Creative Director & Founder

Ajay Luthra is a modest personality who beholds a legacy of 14+ Years of experience in UI/UX, Print Media, SEO, and SMO. He uses the same knowledge and expertise to envision a revolution in the internet industry through his innovative platform. “A Master in Computer Science” is actually “A Master of Perfection and Excellence” performing whatever he does with all his 100%. Today, with his intensified efforts, strong expertise, decades of experience in the internet industry, and a renowned history of milestones, he has successfully transformed his vision to a beautiful reality in the form of CCube Communications.

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Sr. Graphic Designer

Pushpa is a multi-faceted personality with more than 8 years of experience as a Visualizer. She consistently creates and implements innovative and strategic plans to deliver measurable and fruitful results. She stands as a true “Epitome of Perfection” and proves herself at every stage of her ongoing job tenure to be a ‘Work Bound Person and not a Time Bound Person’. This outstanding personality with her vivid imaginations and excellent technical calibre proves to be a driving force in the progression of CCube Communications.

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Graphic Designer

Shahbaz is a Graphic Designer whose soul is a creative infusion of knowledge, innovation, precision, and passion. “Low in Memory High in Speed” beautifully describes his personality in a way that he keeps forgetting small things but when it comes to work, he is the fastest. When he is an active participant in the race, he leaves behind many gamers, engineers, and deep thinkers and that too with a commitment to perfection. He with his knowledge, technical expertise, and professionalism is committed to expand the business horizons.

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Web Developer

Rakesh is a web developer with extraordinary passion and talent. He is the “Turtle” of our bandwagon, working slowly but with precision and perfection. He is passionate about digging the depths of the HTML scripting language with a strong understanding of the ongoing web trends. Always ready to walk an extra mile for providing unrivalled solutions for website development, he is addicted to surpass the expectations of all the clients. He is a perfect personification of the belief “Slow and Steady Wins the Race”.

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SEO Executive

Sunil is our “Action Boy”, always on toes to put him to action in response to any work assigned to him. With incredible talent and expertise in SEO & SMO, he possesses a wealth of experience and professionalism. He beholds a strong understanding of the ongoing web trends and socio-cultural changes taking place around the world. He then applies the same knowledge and understanding to create and nurture brands with a high level of commitment to effective web marketing solutions.

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Jr. Web Developer

Sapna is the junior web developer popularly known as the “Energy Charger” amongst her team members. She beholds the art of winning a thousand hearts not only with her cheerful smile and considerate approach but also because of her pursuit of professionalism and perfection at work. She in association with her co-workers is committed to providing advanced, creative, well-defined and executed information rich websites that encourage surfers and visitors to come back to them repeatedly.

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Jr. Web Developer

“Naam to Suna Hi Hoga”, just like the On Screen Shahrukh Khan, Raj is full of life and vibrancy. The word ‘No’ seems to be erased from his dictionary of life and so he agrees to everything said to him or conveyed to him. As a junior web developer, he is always standing at the forefront of challenges with mettle to resolve the issue and come up with rewarding results. Moreover, he beholds commanding skill sets and calibre honed to kindle the growth graph of businesses associated with our company.

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Pigeons were effective as messengers due to their natural homing abilities