Web Design and Development

I own a domain already. How much will you charge for just web designing?
We offer a domain to our clients as a part of the package and as per company rules even if you own a domain, it won’t affect the package price.
Will my website be responsive and work on other devices too?
It will entirely depend on your requirements. If you want to have a responsive website, we will make sure that it runs perfectly on all the mobile devices and tablets without any bug.
Do you develop SEO oriented websites?
Absolutely! SEO is one of our fortes and our team of SEO experts carry out an extensive research on keywords to ensure that your website rank higher on the search engines.
What technologies do you use?
Our team has expertise in different languages and software including Wireframes, HTML, Photoshop, XHTML, CSS, PHP, Cake PHP, JavaScript, Ajax, Node.js, Angular.js, Android and iOS among others.
In how much time can a website designing/redesigning be completed?
The timeline of the project depends entirely on the client and the requirements of the project. The most common reason for a delay in the deadline we have faced until now is the waiting period of content and images by the client or due to delayed approvals.
How much will a website cost?
We offer the best prices in the industry and the cost of the website varies according to the requirements of the project. However, a basic website costs around $200 and we accept payment in installments.
Is there a limit to the number of pages I can have on my website?
There is no limit from our end. We can create as many pages as you require.
I already have a website but it needs to be updated/redesigned. Can you help me with that?
Yes, we would love to revamp your website to meet your current requirements.

Logo and Branding

How does the entire logo designing process works?
In the initial meetings, we gather information regarding the client’s preferences and target audience. We ask the client for a sample of a logo that they like and dislike getting a fair idea of which areas we need to focus on. Even if the client has the entire concept in mind, we can present it to you. Both way, we will present 3 different logo ideas to you and if you need more after that or need logos to be designed for multiple companies, we can work the pricing accordingly.
How will I receive the design file?
The completed project is delivered after the client releases the final payment. We can provide you with the files through email and Dropbox as per the client’s demand. We also keep a copy with us in case any further updates are required or the client loses the file.
Do I also get the vector file of the finalized logo?
We understand that you will require the logo to be used on various marketing and branding materials and thus we provide you the EPS (vector), png, jpeg and a word file of the logo that would work as a clip art.
Who owns the copyrights of all the designs you make?
We own the Copyright of all our work and we transfer it to the client as soon as the payment is settled. However, we reserve the right to use the designs for our company’s promotion as per the agreement.
How long does it take to design a logo?
Typically, a logo designing takes 1 weeks after the initial discussion regarding the requirements. However, it varies according to the response side from client’s end and the number of changes demanded.
How many logo choices will I receive?
You will have 3 different logo choices as per the agreed objectives. However, you will get the copyright of just the finalized logo design.
What if I need to make some changes in the logo?
We accept the request for unlimited changes in the chosen logo. However, the changes should be intimated within a feasible period of time.
What if I don’t like any of the 3 logos presented to me?
We design the logos after considering all your requirements and carrying out an extensive research about your target audience, the places where you will be using the logo and your competitors so it is less likely that you will not like any of the designs presented to you in the first set. However, if it still happens then you do not need to make the full payment. We accept 50% of the payment before starting the project and we can settle on that.
What do I get concerning my logo?
We will provide you with the finalized copy of the logo in various formats including CMYK version, Pantone version and RGB version to ensure that you can use it on various modes without any trouble. We will also provide you with a document explaining all the formats so that you can make the best use of them.

General Queries

Why choose Ccube Communications?
We are committed to delivering the best quality web services to our clients since the time of our inception in the global digital market. Our team includes experts from all the fields including WordPress, Web Designing, and SEO among other services that we provide. We are your one stop solution for all the web service requirements.
What all services you provide?
We offer web designing and development services along with the digital marketing on various platforms. Our clients include both the budding entrepreneurs and established organizations.
How can I rely on you?
We design reliable programs for all our clients by continuously accessing the web server to test the load and ensure heavy traffic. We ensure to surpass your expectations with a no-bug service.
Can you guarantee the high quality work?
We believe in keeping in touch with our clients at every stage. Our team will provide you with the analysis report from time to time and your inputs will be considered to ensure that the quality of work is never hampered.
What security measures are you adopting?
We implement various security measures like strong password enforcement, regular backups and brute force protection to ensure that your website is protected against most types of the attacks. However, we do not guarantee protection against all the cyber attacks.
I am not from India. Can I still avail your services?
Most of our communications with our clients happen through emails and chats so location is never an issue. We serve globally. In fact, most of our existing clients are based in the US, Dubai, France, UK and Australia.
How do we start working together on a project?
We begin by understanding your requirements and expectations regarding the designing of the project either through a questionnaire or by connecting directly over the phone call and Skype calls.
How old is your company and what are your strengths?
CCube Communications was incorporated in 2013 with a group of the best professionals in the field. Our strengths include business consultation, UI & UX, graphic designing, web designing & web testing and SEO. You stay assured of receiving the top quality of work and proper technical support from our team.
Are there any hidden costs in projects?
Absolutely not! When we commit to provide unlimited changes at the price agreed upon, we mean it.
What are the payment methods accepted by you?
For Indian clients, we accept payment by IMPS, NEFT, RTGS, PAYTM and PAYPAL. For international clients, we accept credit card payments through our secured third party payment-processing gateway PAYPAL.


What is SEO or Search Engine Optimization?
SEO is the technique of getting your website ranked higher on the search engines through organic methods.
What results can I expect from SEO campaigning?
SEO improves your ranking on search engines which leads to more traffic generation, which in turn results in more conversions.
For how long do I need to invest in SEO?
SEO is an ongoing process and you will have to ensure that there is a continuous implementation of SEO strategies on your website. You need to understand that nothing is permanent when it comes to organic ranking and your competitors are working all the time to ensure that they beat your position.
What results can I expect after the first six months?
The key point in SEO is that we will have to earn the ranking and not buy it, and that takes time. We can expect around 30%-40% of the keywords to appear on the first page of the search engine after 6 months. Although, there have been some projects where we have managed to achieve these results within less period also.
What process do you follow to begin the SEO?
After you come onboard with us, an SEO project manager along with a team of 3-4 experts will be assigned to your project. The PM will keep in touch with you to ensure that you are on the same page as us. The team will first carry out a competitor’s analysis, after which the PM will send you a set of keywords that can be optimized. You can select as many keywords as you want and our team will start working on them.
Will there be any written agreement?
Not really. We believe in working by forming a bond of trust with our clients rather than bounding them in a contract.
Do you guarantee to achieve the results?
When it comes to SEO, we guarantee you our full efforts but not results. None of the SEO agencies has control over the search engine algorithm as it is a third party platform and hence cannot be manipulated. The companies that offer you guarantee to get the business are providing dummy commitments and we believe in working in complete transparency with our clients.
Do you work in line with the latest updates of Google algorithms?
Yes. Our team is continuously engaged in researching and implementing the advancements in the SEO world so you can be assured that we work as per the latest updates of Google algorithms.
What is SMO?
Social Media Optimization (SMO) is related to the online marketing of brand on various social media platform to make them optimized enough to rank higher on the search engines. It helps in improving the online visibility of the brand and hence increase traffic on the website.
Will my website always rank on top once you have optimized it?
SEO is a very dynamic process and the ranking depends on various factors including your competitors’ strategies, so one cannot expect to hold the rank all the time. However, we make efforts to maintain the rank but any genuine agency would never commit that it will always be on the top.

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Pigeons were effective as messengers due to their natural homing abilities